What will they learn:

  1. Learn how to pick a song that best compliments their voice / style

  2. Participate in the production and learn how it is “built” with the “tracking” of the instruments, overdubs and programming to create a “hit” sound

  3. Be taught how to record pop / rock vocals that have emotional impact

  4. Advanced musicians will be able to participate in the instrumental recording, while our more “junior” players will learn about what skills they need to master be able to one day play on their own recordings.

  5. Learn about what goes into mixing & mastering the final track and why that makes a “hit record” on the radio sound so polished and finished vs a production recorded in a home studio.

  6. Create a powerful visual image in a professional photo shoot

What will they do:

  • Record a music video for one of the songs from that weeks workshop

  • Perform in the end of workshop studio performance for parents to debut their music on their last day

  • Each participant will be given a digital package of the mp3’s that were recorded during their session, candid & professional photos, and a downloadable copy of the music video

  • The final product will be available for streaming on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Pandora and YouTube!

The number of songs recorded each session will vary based on the the length of the session (# of days / hours), the level of the group and number of participants. Each session will be capped at 15 participants so that they will be given the maximum amount of one-on-one personal attention.


Participants who send in an application by May 15th, and complete a summer program, will be given a $100 gift certificate to use towards a future private 3 hour session to record solo songs.

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